Blog Redesign

During the last couple of dates I whipped up a new home for my blog.

While I'm no designer, I've become more and more fascinated with typography, and I love seeing typography on the web finally evolving. A while ago YouWorkForThem put the Nexa font-family on sale, and without any good reason I spontaneously bought the web-font version.

Now that I'm starting to open up the gates to a bit of freelance work, I needed to make some changes to my website. While the blog is still the centerpiece, and will hopefully see some more activity going forward, I needed some more information about myself out there. I also wanted an easy way for people to get in touch.

This new redesign is my best shot at putting my Nexa license to work. Obviously the blog is still powered by Webpop and the design is based on our portfolio template, with ZURB's Foundation framework underneath the hood.

All feedback welcome!

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