Hi! I’m Mathias Biilmann

Entrepeneur and full-stack web developer in San Francisco. Founder of Netlify



Netlify provides premium hosting services for modern static websites.
We are a market leader in the space of modern static hosting, and our services include continuous deployment, advanced rewrite / redirect rules, instant cache invalidation, proxying, pre-rendering, and much, much more.
Modern static websites offers 10x the performance and security for a 10th of the price of traditional sites. And no hosting service is faster than netlify.


BitBalloon is a hosting platform for the programmable web. In its simplest form, you just drag a folder with a website onto bitballoon.com and in a few seconds your site is online, optimized for performance and all your forms just work.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. BitBalloon is a totally API driven hosting platform that can be integrated into any product or service. The API layer also allows for easy integration with 3rd part services. Instantly plug your forms into Twilio through Zapier or add analytics or CRM integrations with just a click.


Webpop is a powerful hosted CMS platform aimed at agencies that build websites for clients. It's based on strict separation between content and design. Giving web designers and front-end developers a fast path to dive right into the HTML, CSS and JavaScript of their site, while letting end-users update content easily straight on top of their own website.


Apart from the opensource projects I maintain via my Github profile, Netlify's profile, BitBalloon's profile, the Webpop profile and the ESHQ profile, I've contributed in various degrees to the following well known projects:

  • Netlify CMS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JRuby
  • Yesod WAI (wai-eventsource)
  • HTTP Enumerator
  • Mongoid
  • SAX Machine

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